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There has been much talk in the news lately of privilege. Without letting this writing get too political, these confrontations usually consist of people who perceive that they lack privilege contending against those who are perceived to have more privilege.

For that reason, out of an instinct of fairness, some people now are quick to denounce what they view as privilege in their life, whether that is how they were raised, where they went to school or some other social divider.

Scripture, though, teaches us something different about privilege. It lets us know that we are privileged, now, for the time in which we live. More importantly, it says we are privileged due to the identity of Our Father.

Much talk in our current world about privilege centers around parents. If a person had wealthy or good parents, that sets them on the course to a good life, so the thinking goes.

For believers, our privilege stems from our Father in heaven. John 1:12 says as many who receive Him (Jesus) He gives the right to become children of God. Since God is our Father, that sheds much more light on passages of scripture such as 1 Peter 1, which talks about our inheritance in heaven. The greatest inheritance that ever existed could only be given by God the Father to His children, and if we have received Christ, we are the children of God the Father.

Further, there is more than just our identity as God’s children. We know that our Lord, the all-powerful and mighty Creator of the universe, is on our side. He is always for us!

Romans 8:31 explains how God is for us. And, as the verse asks, if God is for us, who can be against us? Indeed, if the mighty power of our Lord is in our favor, it gives further explanation to Romans 8:28, which tells us how God will ultimately work everything out for good to those who love Him, to those called according to His purpose.

That is why we can trust Him. The New Testament is full of verses, more than can be listed here, that indicate persecution for the church. It can be hard to live in this world that is so against Christ.

But these verses, and the privilege our God gives us, can cause us not to fear. We have a home in heaven and an inheritance from our Father.

Scripture also indicates we are in the time when angels long to look. The time after the cross and the salvation brought to us.

So, there is privilege. If you are in Christ, you have it! But don’t apologize to others, rejoice in the love of your Father in heaven, who gave us this new life in His family.



Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett

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