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I will offer a teaser for something that might be more discussed in the future: One of the most important, but quiet, parts of our lives can be what we eat. In the case of my family, we have recently changed what we eat. More on that later.

For the time, when thinking on food, remember what we all seem to know: A balanced diet is important. A balanced diet makes sure we don’t leave anything out.

Now, there’s a trick with a balanced food diet. Sometimes, the food that we like the best isn’t the food we need to eat the most (like chocolate cake, for instance). Sometimes, we are missing vital nutrients that are in only certain foods. If we don’t eat those foods, we miss the nutrients.

It is the same with the study of God’s Word. At the start of the year, I urged the church to read through the entire Bible in one year. It can be a challenge, to read the entire Word of God in a single year. It requires, roughly, 15 minutes each day. It is a commitment.

And it’s also important. There are several reasons for its importance, but one is that it provides balance. We get to have all the essential parts of our diet. There would be no part missing.

In a food diet, we can’t just eat the food that tastes the sweetest. A diet that consisted of chocolate cake would be, to say the least, unbalanced.

And it’s the same in scripture reading. While all of the Bible is edifying for our spiritual health (as opposed to chocolate cake, which tastes good, but doesn’t necessarily edify), it’s important that we not leave parts out. We need it all.

Some children don’t like to eat vegetables. I was one of them, as a child. It’s getting better for me. However, I was always told that vegetables are “an acquired taste.” It’s true. I have learned to like and appreciate many vegetables, and now, my diet does not lack as it did when I was a boy.

There are parts of scripture that, perhaps, are an acquired taste. They don’t go down sweet the first time (or tenth). But it’s edifying, and builds you up spiritually. It reveals truth from the Living and Holy God.

However, if we only read parts of the Bible, especially parts that are perhaps the most familiar or go down the sweetest, we would miss out on the truth of God’s Word. We would not have a balanced diet.

Ponder your spiritual life. Ponder the spiritual food that is consumed. How is it? Are you making sure you get pieces from each part of the Word? Here’s a hint for our next post, also: You won’t get each piece of the diet that you need exclusively on Sunday morning.

So eat spiritual food, and eat it well, so you can be healthy in your walk with Christ.



Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett


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