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There are two kinds of things we do not know about God. Those things that we do not know about God, which we can learn, and those facts about our Lord that we do not know about that will forever remain a mystery.

The doctrine of the Trinity is sort of split between those two options. There is a great deal we can glean from the Bible, of course. We know that God is three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We know that each of those three are equally God. We also know that God is still One in His essential nature.

The mystery is how all of that fits together. How can one be three yet three be one? We do not fully know. We cannot fully know, while we are here on earth. The big question is, will we know when we see our Lord face-to-face?

I think our understanding will be deepened, certainly. The removal of sin and the clarity of seeing God will help. But, to a point, it will always be a mystery.

And this will increase our faith and worship. We are talking about the very nature of God, but also acknowledging the limits of our understanding. That we don’t understand, we must accept by faith.

God will bless that acceptance by faith, and we will be better off for it. But until we God face-to-face, we must study and worship, trying to understand as much as we can while we are here.

Pastor Brett Myers

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