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My last post, in part, was about the wonder of life and how overjoyed my family and I were to welcome our young daughter, Norah.

The birth of a little one often prompts reflection, and for me, more thoughts came with the recent controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood. The lack of value for human life saddened me, and continues to do so.

But, if there were any one thing worse than loss of human life, it’s the condition of the hearts involved. Hearts get hard, and no situation could be more tragic than that. And when hearts get hard, they are less likely to be stirred to change.

I have always known abortion was wrong and was taught that way. When I was 9 years old, one of my parents explained to me what abortion was and what the results were. It is a sad fact to learn.

Over the next 10 years, I learned more about abortion, and the debate. I learned about labels like pro-choice, pro-life, and terms like partial-birth abortion, etc. It was not until I was 19, though, that I learned about the hard hearts.

In my college freshman English class, students could present a paper on any topic. My professor encouraged controversy. One young man (not me) decided to argue for the pro-life position. He passed around ultra-sound photos of a baby. He asked each person to say what was in the picture.

There were two young ladies in class who had argued for the pro-abortion position. One of them said that the picture was a zygote. The other said a fetus.

It wasn’t the words used that bothered me, although I would have preferred baby, obviously. It was how they were spoken. Cold. Detached. Uncaring. The young lady who said zygote almost spat the word out with disgust as she said it.

I have thought about that day in English class since then. And I wondered: how did hearts, particularly such young ones, get so hard? I obviously don’t have all, or necessarily any, of the answers, but it reminded me of scripture.

In Exodus, God performs miracles on behalf of the people of Israel. What’s striking is that Pharaoh sees these miracles, and knows they are of God (we aren’t talking about an atheist here). Yet, despite this, scripture records that Pharaoh hardened his heart (later, God hardened it, providing the subject of great theological debates for future seminary students, such as the present author).

I think many who saw the recent videos released thought it might make a change in people. Maybe it has, for some. What I have seen, though, is hearts that are hard.

This is tragic for two reasons. First, of course, is that when Pharaoh’s heart was hard, judgement for the nation was not far behind. We should pray, watch, and be fearful of the judgement of a righteous God on this nation.

There is the tragedy of individual hard hearts. The cost is high. People will lose their souls for eternity. Not over the abortion debate, but over rejecting God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Hard hearts, no matter what the subject matter, are less likely to embrace Jesus, and the people I have seen writing are not believers.

This should prompt us to pray for those with hard hearts. It should also be a warning to us. Matthew 24:12 warns that, as lawlessness increases, love grows cold. Let’s pray that does not happen. Draw near to Jesus, and cling to Him!


Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett

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