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So, that was a long sabbatical. I took a break from writing this blog due to the pending birth of my daughter. I actually quit a month before, so I could spend any extra time I had at home helping my 8-9-month pregnant wife.

I am happy to report my daughter Norah was born June 21. And the sabbatical since then has been me recovering from lack of sleep, to say nothing of Sarah’s experiences.

The new life of my daughter has caused me, as it has many parents, to ponder the wonder of life in general. The Bible has much to say about life, and there are two kinds: Physical and spiritual.

Physical life comes from God. While we each have human parents, John 1:3 testifies that all things came into being through Him (Jesus). So all physical life, indeed, this whole world, exists because of God. That is wondrous!

But spiritual life also comes from God, and is necessary. John 3:3 says none can inherit the kingdom of God unless they are born again, referring to spiritual birth. Such spiritual birth is also from our Lord Jesus Christ.

John 1:4 indicates that in Him (Jesus), IS life. Life is in Jesus. The gospel, near its end, echoes similar thoughts. In John 20:31, it says that Jesus performed many miracles while on earth. The miracles, as recorded in the Fourth Gospel, were written so that the readers could believe, and by believing, have life in the name of Jesus.

Life is wonderful. Physical life, is wonderful. The birth of a new baby caused me to celebrate God for all He has done. It reminded me how blessed I am, since children are a blessing from the Lord. It reminded me that God values life, and so should we also.

But it reminded me even more of spiritual life. Spiritual life is even more important than physical, since new birth is required for us to enter the kingdom of God. New birth is from God, too, and without it, we could not spend eternity with Him.

God, in His grace and mercy, has said all we need for this new life is to believe and have faith in Jesus. While we do that, though, there is a new life that will be given to us, and it’s from Him. So celebrate that, today.

If you don’t have new spiritual life to celebrate, then you need it! Any who do not have their names written in the Book of Life will be cast into the Lake of Fire at the final judgement (Revelation 20). You must be born again, but if you believe in Jesus and His death for you, you will receive that new life (John 3:16).

It will not be as lengthy of a time between blog posts. I’m glad to be back, and let’s all thank God for new life from Him!


Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett

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