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Many who blog have weighed in on the Duggar family controversy. Once more, I am late to the party. Indeed, I think the party has ceased. Nevertheless, the issue prompted me to think and be grateful for God’s character.

First, of course, what Josh did was wrong. Second, though, is the idea that his sin was exposed. When it was brought to light, there were grave consequences.

For myself, I thought: If all of my sins were public knowledge, there’s no way I would have been called to be a pastor. And I say that, not thinking I am particularly worse than anyone else. I just understand human nature: We can’t deal correctly with the flaws of others. We are called by God to forgive, yet living with others in this way is difficult.

And yet, God and His grace are so glorious. He knows all of our sins, thoughts, problems, etc. Psalm 139:4 says before a word is even on our tongue, God knows it all!

God knows everything we have done, are doing and are going to do in our lives. The good and the bad. And He loves us. He offers us forgiveness and grace. He offers it by the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

It makes Christ and His death on our behalf even more amazing. God, who never sinned, sent His Son, who also had no sin, to die in our place.

His method of bringing us into His family wasn’t just wiping the slate clean, and letting us in the door that way. He wiped the slate clean by having One take our punishment for us.

And He did it all knowing how undeserving we are of this love. In Romans 5, Paul details how rare it is for a person to die on the behalf of another. Then he states in the eighth verse of the chapter the power of God’s love.

God’s love, Paul writes, was shown to us that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He didn’t die for good people. He died to MAKE good people. Not out of anything we had done that was righteous, but by having the perfect righteousness of Jesus placed on us.

So, of course, we should pray for the Duggar family in this time. While the events that occurred took place many years ago, they, like us, are in daily need of the healing grace of God.

We should also bask in the grace of God. His death, on our behalf. That death, we should remind ourselves, was not because we were great and wonderful. We did not receive this grace because we are somehow less evil than public sinners like Josh Duggar. We received the grace simply, as evil and depraved people, desperate for God to save us. Remember that today, and thank God for His amazing grace!


Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett


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