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Some may have been wondering, but yes, my family and I have returned from our vacation. We got back a few days ago. Between vacations and a busy week before Easter, that can explain the lack of blog updates.

Our family vacation was good in many ways. I am glad we took it, and glad to be back. For me, though, it has prompted thoughts about the concept of rest. Rest is a very biblical topic, and it has meaning for how we live our lives today.

Rest has been part of the earth since the beginning, even before the fall. God rested on the seventh day (Gen. 2:1-3), and made it holy. Why did God do that?

One idea, from Dr. Ross, is that God rested out of a sense of accomplishment and completion. It symbolized the completion of creation.

Hebrews 4:9 indicates that there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, an eternal one, at the end of the age, when we will rest with our Creator.

So we have rest in the perfect beginning and at the perfect end, but what about the middle? That is where we live, and we should not neglect our rest here in this time, either.

The fourth commandment (Ex. 20:8-11) reminded the people of Israel that they needed to rest in honor of the Lord and what He had done at creation.

Even before this time, when God gave them the manna in Exodus 16, He commanded the people to not gather on the seventh day, in honor of the Sabbath.

People struggled, though, and some still went out to gather on the Sabbath. I think, today, we still struggle with the Sabbath, with rest. We (at least the readers who live in the United States) live in a culture where hard work is prized and valued, and laziness is looked down upon.

I would agree with those values, but I fear that sometimes we take it to the extreme, and never rest, as God has commanded. We should rest, renew our hearts and worship. It is a reminder that God made us, and He even created rest.

Sometimes, some people take extended rests. That was what this past vacation was for my family, and it was good. It was a reminder, again, that God has asked that we rest, enjoy Him, and our families and other loved ones. Work can wait, for a season at least.

So today, ask yourself how you are doing on resting. Maybe you do well. Maybe you need to take some time off and rest. Remember, whatever you do, do it for His glory!

Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett

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