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Have you ever started something, and had big plans? Were you ambitious? Did you, maybe, bite off more than you were able to chew?

I have done that, or more accurately, I am doing that. At the start of the year, I had hoped to update this blog more. I have great hopes of getting back on a more regular track, but the facts remain, I have not updated as often as I initially desired.

Sometimes we can feel that way in much more important areas of our lives. We see that we have truly fallen short, and have sinned.

But in those times, we can turn to the Bible for comfort. God knows and sees all, and He is not surprised by the fact that we sin. He is not pleased with sin, but He has offered the one-time, for all-time, remedy for sin through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Also of note is 2 Timothy 2:13. This verse reminds us of the treasured truth: When we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.

What a wonderful comfort for all of us. God is the one who saves. God is the one who regenerates and makes us right in His sight!

That is a great comfort to anyone who has ever tried to make it on their own. The simple truth of life remains: No one is perfect. No one can do it on their own (provide their own salvation). No one can keep God’s law to absolute perfection.

God sent One who did, Jesus. And now, He is in the process of making us more like His Son. While He does this, we might stumble along the way.

The important part, for us, is to not become discouraged when this happens. We should seek to be faithful, but when we are not, we should not lose our confidence in God. He is the one who we trust!

So maybe I haven’t been as faithful writing this blog as I originally intended (and I haven’t been). That is relatively trivial.

On occasion, I, and maybe you, feel guilty because of your lack of faithfulness in a bigger area. While we should strive to serve God at all times with all of our abilities, the important truth to remember is that it doesn’t depend on us.

So, if you feel faithless today, remember, He remains faithful. Praise God for that!

Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett

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