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It was a busy week last week (and this week). During that time, I was encouraged by a verse in Psalm 122 (Psalm 122:1). It says, “I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord.”

It was so true, for me. While that verse was of course written about the temple, I felt a similar connection with going to the house of the Lord, that is, a physical church, my church, Ainger Bible Church. There are so many wonderful people there who I love. There is the joy of singing songs to God. Reading His Word is so uplifting. Basically, after a long week, I was ready to worship.

How do you do at that? Is church a joy? I am human. I perfectly understand that there are times when we don’t feel like going to church (or leaving the house). Maybe we are sick, or it’s cold outside.

But generally speaking, how do you feel about going to church? Does it lift up your spirit? Are you joyful? You should feel that way, most of the time.

Church, on Sunday morning, is a time to rest from our troubles. We should worship every moment of our lives. Indeed, we should do everything to the glory and praise of God.

But the Sunday service is a specific time of week, set aside, to worship fully with others. And it should be joyful.

We connect with God. We connect with others. We worship, we sing. We should come away being refreshed. Yes, refreshed, even if you serve.

Some people are worn out by church because they serve. That is understandable, at least to me. But it should also be refreshing. We are admonished in the Bible to not give up the habit of meeting together. Fellowship should not be forsaken.

I read a wonderful, and true, quote (on Facebook, of all things), from the great New Testament scholar D.A. Carson. He said it would have been unthinkable in the first century to be a Christian and not go to church (paraphrased).

There are Christians today who do not go to church. It is a tragedy. Going to church should be uplifting and full of fellowship. If you are part of a church body that you love (and if you are part of Ainger, I sure hope you are), then you should always rejoice at the prospect of a time together to worship.

So, what do you think? Are you excited about going to church this week? I hope so. See you tomorrow.

Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett


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