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We have started a Men’s Bible Study at Ainger Bible Church (It’s on Wednesday). It’s something we’ve put together for men to come and study the Bible and fellowship (on Wednesday evenings at 7 at the church). All are welcome (Wednesday).

What we are going to begin working through is a study in what God calls us to do as men. Really, though, most of what He calls men (as in males) to do, He also calls all people to do, male and female.

First and foremost, of course, is worship. We worship in several ways: Our hearts, minds, mouths, etc. But one to focus on, for now, is our actions.

Our actions tell us a great deal about who we are imitating, and who we are worshipping. The Bible speaks the truth, that all who are in Christ will be conformed to be like Him by our Father in heaven (Rom. 8:29). We will be glorified, and will be like Him!

But until then, who are we imitating? One place to look is Genesis 19. I, myself, am looking ahead and behind to Genesis 19. Ahead, because I will preach on it later in February. Behind, because if you are reading through the Bible this year (and you should try), you have likely passed it.

Lot and his family are in Sodom at the time of its destruction by God. The portrait of Lot that rises from the pages of Genesis 19 is, for the most part, not a flattering one.

He seems cowardly, and that he did not have much of an influence on his family. These statements are true. The scripture reader is sometimes surprised, then, to read that Lot is referred to as righteous by Peter (2 Peter 2:7-8).

So Lot was righteous. But what happened? It would seem that he loved Sodom, and became conformed, at least in part, to the image of Sodom, and loved it, not the things of God. Such a statement would certainly appear true of his wife (Gen. 19:26).

So what about us? Who, or what, are we imitating? It’s an important question. Usually, that which receives our imitation is something (or someone) that receives a time investment from us. If it’s a hobby, we spend time on it. If it’s our work, then we spend time on it, etc.

How is our time doing? How is your time doing? Are you spending time devoted to God? Worshipping Him should encompass all of our lives, in every area. Of course, there are times set aside, where we fully concentrate on worship, such as church, or our private prayer and Bible-reading time.

But, our relationship with Christ ought also be a part of us. If we are to become like Jesus, we need to have our minds on Him. We need to focus our lives on Him.

The human heart is made to worship. We will worship. Let it be Jesus who receives that investment of love, time and imitation from you.

Until next time, in Christ,


Pastor Brett

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