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Greetings. I had desired last year to start a blog in 2015. The fact that this is being written Jan. 12 should cause hope to spring eternal for those with New Year’s resolutions.

What is this blog? It is a blog written by myself, Brett Myers, the pastor of Ainger Bible Church. What is its purpose? To encourage the saints as they do the work of ministry. I am sure I might occasionally delve into personal stories of mine if I think they will be helpful, but mostly, this will be about topics of interest to believers.

One item that is of interest, of course, is the Bible. This year, we have challenged everyone at Ainger Bible Church to read more of God’s Word in 2015. There are several ways to do it. My wife Sarah and I are simply reading through the Bible, Old and New Testaments, along with Psalms and Proverbs. That means that, at present, we are in Genesis and Matthew.

There are other plans. Some have the reader go through the Bible chronologically, other emphasizing certain parts of scripture. Whatever your plan, please read God’s Word more this year than last, if you are able.

Here is one of the best reasons to read through the Bible: you will get a better feel for how it all connects together. Right now, at Ainger, we are preaching through the book of Genesis (there it is again). We will hit the pause button in the spring for the traditional resurrection passages, but otherwise, I would imagine (without knowing) that a good portion of 2015 will be spent in Genesis.
But what I noticed, the first time I ever read through the Bible, cover-to-cover, is how much different parts of the text jump out. I would be sitting in church on Sunday, listening to the sermon, and it would connect with something I had read the previous week. Or it might even mention a verse I had read the previous week. Regardless, I would find myself interacting more with the text throughout the week.

There are also the side benefits (or main benefits) of learning more about scripture, and having a better feel for themes and places in the Bible. For instance, if you didn’t know what book of the Bible contains the account of David slaying Goliath (it’s 1 Samuel), you will after reading through it.

Well, I hope that convinces you. Let’s read through the Bible, together, this year. Some of these blog posts will cover what I have been reading, so won’t you join me?

Until next time, in Christ,

Pastor Brett

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  1. Kathy says:

    Looking forward to reading your blog!

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